The Trumpets

I make 3 different trumpets, a 3 piece "Jordan style" Yelper and a Cane Jordan yelper.  Each style has its own tone and pitch characteristics.  The barrels are made from different hardwoods and Metals. The mouthpieces are from  Buffalo Horn, wing Bone,  MAmmoth Ivory, hippo Ivory, Brass, Copper, Aluminum and Micarta  . See price list below.  Payment is due after the caller is made and is ready to ship.  Callers come with a 100% guarantee.  If for some reason you are not happy with the caller return it in its original condition for a full refund minus shipping.  Give me a call, email or text if you're interested in a call.  Due to the increase in orders lately My waiting list is around 2 years.  I'd be happy to add you to the list.


The J1
The J1 is my three piece Jordan style caller.  It falls somewhere in between the t5 and t6 in tone and pitch.  This call plays easily.  This call placed 2nd in both the Jordan and the open Air operated call at the 2017 NWTF Grand National Call Competition.  5th in the Jordan Category in the 2016 NWTF Grand National call competition in the hunting division.  It also placed 1st and won best in class Air operated calls 2016 Midwest NWTF Call Maker Competition in the hunting division.

Aluminum Tube Case
Aluminum protective case to hold the trumpet or yelper when not on the hunt. Available with the purchase of a call. screw top cases 60$ aluminum $80 bottomland or colored $100 turned hardwood caps and aluminum

Braided Leather Lanyard
I have braided  leather lanyards available.  these braided lanyards  work well for using one or multiple yelpers during the hunt.  multiple drops can be tied to either lanyard.   lanyards are 30$with the purchase of a call, or 40$ Alone. Shipped.  


 Call price includes micarta mouthpiece, brass ferrulle and parachord lanyard

  10$ for Buffalo Horn, 20$ for Honey Buffalo, $40 for camel bone and 175$ for Mammoth Ivory .   When available. 

Copper, Brass and Aluminum mouthpieces available for $100

Lock Up Lipstop $60

Copper, Bronze or Aluminum Ferrulle $25

Damascus Ferrulle $125  

 Leather lanyard $30 with the purchase of a call and $40 alone

Aluminum case brushed with screw cap $60

Aluminum case colored, or bottomland with screw cap $80

Aluminum case brushed with turned hardwood caps $100

  Mammoth and Hippo Ivory can be shippend everywhere except CA,NJ and NY

Aluminum Tube Case
Aluminum protective case with turned hardwood end caps and velour sheath to hold the trumpet or yelper when not on the hunt.  my premium calls come with this case or can be added to any call for an additional 40$

The  XT Trumpet
The  XT Trumpet won the 2020 Tom Turpin award at the NWTF Grand National Callmakers competition.    It is  easy to draw and makes the calls of a mature hen turkey. 

The T5
The T5 is the short trumpet.  It produces yelps, cuts and clucks of a young hen turkey.   Tone and pitch are sharper and higher with this caller. With a Quicker Roll over. 

The T6
The T6 . It has taken many Gobblers from Maine to California and from Washington state to South florida.   It produces yelps, cuts and clucks of a mature hen turkey.   It is easy to draw.  This call took 1st place in the open air operated class and 3rd and 5th in the turned trumpet call at the 2017 NWTF Grand National Call Competition. Hunting class, 1st place and best in class with this call at the 2016 NWTF Southeastern Call Competition.  In the Hunting Class. And 1st Place at the 2016 Keystone Classic Call Competition in Pennsylvania.

Decorative Damascus and metal ferrules
.Damascus Ferrule    .999 silver decorative silver ferrule.  Copper, Bronze, Aluminum 

Inquire about Accent peices on the call like below.

Lock Up Lip Stop
The Lock up Lip Stop (Patent Pending). is a threaded lip stop with a jamb nut.  When locked into place will not slip out of adjustment or fall off during transport or during the hunt.  Can be made into any metal mouthpiece.

Heavy metal Calls
.Solid Metal Calls Hand turned from solid metal billets and rounds.  Made from Metals such as Damascus Steel, Copper, Brass, Mokume, Aluminum, and Bronze.  These calls Take Dozens of hours to complete.  But Make an amazing work of turkey calling art..

AGE Trumpets

Trumpet price list

  Click here to see example pics of the different woods


Osage       Bocote



Macassar Ebony       Cocobolo

Gabon Ebony             African Blackwood

Hondouran Rosewood      

Olivewood                   Kingwood

Lignum Vitae



Desert Iron Wood         Black and White Ebony



Desert Ironwood Burl    Snakewood



Cocuswood (when available)



Heavy Metal calls

Copper, Brass, Damascus, Mokume, and Bronze

****Prices are subject to change depending on wood availabiliy and price****.