The Chibouk is a new yelper off an old idea.  Tabacco pipes were used for yelpers in the old days.  They can produce very soft yelps and clucks or louder calls for locating.  They are played just like a trumpet only hand position is a little different only using one hand or two hands for locating. 

A "Chibouk" by definition is an old Turkish tobacco pipe with a long stem.   

Chibouk prices

Woods such as Osage, Bocote start at 240$.

More expensive woods such as the Ebonies, Cocobolo, and Ironwood  start at 280$. 

Stabilized and Burl calls start at 350$+-  Depending on blank price

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 Yelping on a Chibouk is the same as a trumper tor wingbone.  Use one hand to cup the bowl for regular volume, similar to using two hands on a trumpet.  Pointing the bowl down or to the side.

 Tree calling or soft calling can be done by either placing your palm over the bowl opening or inserting the thumb to manipulate the sound.