I was born and raised in and around Chatsworth, Georgia.  I have a wonderful wife with an understanding of a man with consuming passions.  And 3 Great children that I enjoy hunting, fishing and being dad with. I grew up playing music extensively and working in my dad's auto body shop.  Learning to repair cars, repairing and modifying guitars as a kid. I then moved into building some of my own guitars.  I now love to restore and collect old acoustic Gibsons and Martins.  I was introduced later in life to hunting by my uncle Steve.  My first hunt was a spring turkey hunt.  I am a self taught turkey hunter.  Taking my first gobbler my second hunting season.  The sounds of the wild turkey have always intrigued me. The difficulty in hunting them in the old way, sitting against a tree with only a call and a gun, still excite me to this very day.  Hunting wild turkeys has consumed my life.  I made my first call, a trumpet call, just to see if  I could take a gobbler with a call I had made.  I then made a few for family and friends.  I then sold my first caller, then another, and then another. I did'nt set out to become a callmaker.  Callmaking has chosen me.  

All callers are made one at a time by me in my shop at the foot of the Cohutta Mountains here in north Georgia. I strive upmost for a realistic sounding, easy to play caller that can be used season after season. I began making these calls out of a love and passion for turkey hunting. I enjoy all types of hunting and fly fishing.  But to me, there is no greater time than springtime in the turkey woods.

Anthony Ellis

photo by Ashley Evans