I was born and raised in and around Chatsworth, Georgia.  I have a wonderful wife with an understanding of a man with consuming passions.  And 3 Great children that I enjoy hunting, fishing and just being dad with.  I was introduced to hunting by my uncle.  Hunting wild turkeys has consumed my life.  I made my first call, a trumpet call, just to see if  I could take a gobbler with a call I had made.  I then made a few for family and friends.  I then sold my first caller, then another, and then another.  Lord willing I will keep making them for a long time.  All callers are made one at a time by me in my shop at the foot of the Cohutta Mountains here in north Georgia. I strive upmost for a realistic sounding, easy to play caller that can be used season after season. I began making these calls out of a love and passion for turkey hunting. I enjoy all types of hunting and fly fishing for wild trout.  But to me, there is no greater time than springtime in the turkey woods.

Anthony Ellis